Welcome to the IGO Watch Monthly Update for June

Before we get into the highlights of IGO activities around the world and ridiculous examples of excesses for this month, we want to share some upcoming activities with you. The Taxpayers Protection Alliance & IGOWatch will be hosting a panel discussion at the biggest virtual event of the year: The 2020 Friedman Conference: 24 Hours of Digital Liberty. This extraordinary event is being hosted by the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance with the support of more than 30 international pro-liberty partners, including many IGOWatch members. This will be a world-first: a digital 24-hour conference bringing together more than 100 speakers & thousands of activists for the biggest virtual liberty marathon the world has ever seen. Streaming from a professional TV production studio, with breakouts, social rooms, opportunities to meet – and virtually drink with – lovers of freedom from all over the world, Friedman8 – The Digital Conference will be a conference like none the world has ever seen. Head over to alsfc.com.au to find out more and get your tickets. And, be sure to head to our breakout session on International Governmental Organizations (IGOs) as we take a deep dive into groups such as the WHO, OECD,  EU, and explore the role the Chinese Communist Party has had in subverting these international institutions.

‘Cause I’m The Taxman

Not a month goes by without major discussion within the European Union (EU) about the implementation of new taxes. This time, the bureaucrats from Brussels though it was a good idea to fund their coronavirus recovery program by charging nearly 70,000 companies for access to the EU market, despite the fact that this is the worst possible thing a government can do at the time of a global economic slowdown. The general approach of taxing large companies in order to raise funds is nowhere more evident than in the EU’s continuous push for the taxation of digital services. Even after talks with the U.S. about reforming tax rules failed, the EU reiterated its commitment to pushing ahead with a regional plan for a digital tax, thus further hurtling the continent (and world) toward a potential trade war. This protectionism would only succeed in harming millions of taxpayers, businesses, and consumers in the process.

Another Day, Another Scandal

Allegations of disgraceful sexual misconduct by United Nations (UN) peacekeepers frequently arise during all peace operations deployed by the UN, with apparently nothing ever done about them by UN leadership. With more stories and evidence coming up, sexual exploitation and abuse appear to be at the very heart of UN peacekeeping efforts. For years there have been reports about the UN’s commitment to dealing with abusers in their own ranks, but the latest in the long line of scandals shows that not a lot of progress has been made in that regard. An 18-second video of what is being described as a sex act in an official UN car on a main street by Tel Aviv’s seafront went viral on social media this past month. We can all agree with the UN’s official comment on this scandal – this type of behavior by UN staffers is abhorrent and goes against everything the UN stands for. But beyond these statements, there haven’t been any concrete measures being taken by the UN to improve their dreadful record.

Finally, Some Good News?

Not all news is negative this month. After the Brazilian government threatened to follow the U.S.’ example and withdraw from the WHO, EU officials have also expressed serious concern and announced that they are working together with the U.S. on a plan to reform the global health agency. We hope that governments across the world will finally see the light and take action against this deeply corrupt failed institution.

Last but not least, our partners from the Consumer Choice Center are continuing to fight against the WHO’s misguided anti-harm reduction policies and have made an amazing graphic about the benefits of vaping.

Partner Spotlight: 
Minimal Government Thinkers

Based in the Philippines, Minimal Government Thinkers is an independent think-tank advancing four core principles: small government, low taxes, free markets, and individual freedom and responsibility. Related to these four principles is their strong belief in private property rights and rule of law or rules that apply to everyone.

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