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Earlier this month, the President of the United States of America announced that he will suspend payments to the World Health Organization (WHO) in response to the United Nations (UN) agency’s mishandling of the Coronavirus pandemic. The WHO’s decision to help the Chinese Communist Party cover up the outbreak in January, and their mismanagement every step of the way, is a key reason for the disease’s severity. Suspending the organization’s funding is a necessary step for bringing about more accountability and transparency within the organization. Fortunately, several other governments have expressed their concerns and announced that they will take a closer look and push for an improved set of arrangements at the WHO.

IGO Watch ardently supports these decisions and has assembled a coalition of 27 organizations from 16 countries that have come together and urged world leaders to suspend funding of the WHO. The coalition further implores world leaders to follow the lead of the United States in holding an immediate investigation into the chronic mismanagement of the COVID-19 response and promotion of misinformation spread by the Chinese Communist Party. To ensure that a tragedy such as this never occurs again, IGO Watch is calling on national governments to hold independent inquiries that would uncover the full extent of the corrupt relationship between the WHO and the CCP and have the ability to examine the history of the organization’s failures and ensure that our tax dollars are being put to the best use possible. The WHO receives billions of dollars from taxpayers across the globe every year. But, rather than focusing on genuine health initiatives and fighting epidemics, the WHO has become a corrupt bureaucracy with a culture of grossly abusing taxpayer funds and promoting radical policies. A particular thank you to our friends at Fundación Internacional Bases for translating the letter into Spanish, which has already received significant media coverage throughout Latin America.

If you want to read more about why the WHO needs to be defunded, take a look at the video below, or read this analysis by Dan Mitchell, founder of Center for Freedom & Prosperity, this article by Satya Marar, policy analyst at Reason Foundation, or this interview with TPA Executive Director Tim Andrews. As always, you can find our comprehensive work on the WHO on the dedicated section of our website.

In Other News

Here’s some other news about international governmental organizations (IGO) you might have missed last month:

  • The Taiwanese government stated that the WHO ignored its questions at the start of the Coronavirus outbreak which is the latest development in a troubling cycle perpetuating continued Taiwanese exclusion at the UN agency. Taiwanese officials accused the WHO of not sharing information that Taiwan provided on the Coronavirus, including details on its cases and prevention methods. All the WHO Director-general had to say regarding Taiwan is that the country’s citizens were bullying him online and were responsible for his tarnished reputation.
  • China was appointed to a seat on the prestigious Consultative Group of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). Despite having an egregious human rights track record, China has been given the power to influence the investigation of human rights issues around the world. The “People’s Republic” now has the ability to appoint global investigators to examine cases related to freedom of speech, enforced disappearances, arbitrary detention, and health.
  • OECD officials are reportedly unconcerned about how the a great new tax on digital companies could impact the economy at this moment of crisis and are fully focused on increased global taxation. Officials at this global bureaucracy are boasting that they are continuing to work “full steam” on a disastrous global digital tax project, as reported by our friends from the Tax Foundation.


Partner Spotlight: Fundación Internacional Bases

Based in Argentina, and named after political theorist Juan Bautista Alberdi, Fundación Internacional Bases’ mission is to generate a current of opinion favorable to freedom and thus drive reforms. To do this, the foundation empowers individuals, organizes events, carries out campaigns, prepares studies, and cooperates with think tanks, individuals, educational institutions, reporters, and all those who want to advance the cause of liberty.


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