COVID-19 and the World Health Organization


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The Coronavirus has spread rapidly throughout the world infecting more than 1 million people and has led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people. At the center of the disease, and reason for its spread, is the taxpayer-funded World Health Organization (WHO).

As more information emerges one thing is clear: the WHO’s decision to help the Chinese Communist Party cover up the outbreak in January, and their mismanagement every step of the way, is a key reason for the disease’s severity. This is not the first time this has happened. The WHO has a long track record of failing at their core mission. When the Ebola outbreak occurred in West Africa, leaked emails revealed that WHO leadership refused to classify it a public health emergency for months for political reasons. Thousands died as a result.

IGOWatch has been monitoring WHO corruption since our inception. From praising dictatorships like North Korea to spending more money on luxury travel than actually combatting infection diseases the evidence is clear that the WHO has lost its way.

Now more than ever our governments must refuse to continue funding the WHO until it engages in serious reform.

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