Welcome to the IGO Watch Monthly Update for July!

There has been a lot to keep track of with lots of activities by IGO’s around the world this month!

Before we get started, two announcements.

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  • IGO Watch (David Williams) will be in Australia in August meeting with IGO Watch partner, The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance (ATA), and other Australian thought leaders about a newly-proposed silicone ban proposed by the EU and potentially adopted by the UN. 


Just a smokescreen

After months of hesitation due to political pressure, the World Health Organization (WHO) finally declared the Ebola outbreak in Africa an international emergency.  WHO’s hand was forced after a case of Ebola was diagnosed in the large, internationally connected city of Goma, from which 15,000 people cross the border from the Democratic Republic of Congo into Rwanda each day. Needless to say, the WHO, who receives billions of tax dollars from countries around the world, should have acted quicker. 

Between February and June, the WHO requested $98 million from developed countries for the Ebola response and had received less than half of that sum, forcing the organization to dip into funds from some of its other budgets. That “dipping” was unnecessary.  The WHO continues to spend around $200 million annually on travel alone and their expensive conferences and events cost the global taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. So, the question must be asked why the WHO hasn’t already allocated sufficient funds for public health emergency purposes – its core mission.

But the inadequate response to a public health emergency is not the only news coming out of the WHO. Just a few days ago, the WHO launched a new report on the global tobacco epidemic, which states that electronic cigarettes and vaping are “undoubtedly harmful” and should be regulated. Multiple studies have shown that vaping and new tobacco harm reduction technologies are safer and helping people stop smoking cigarettes, yet the WHO still denies the overwhelming scientific evidence to push their extremist ideological agenda. 

This is not the first time the WHO has misrepresented evidence from clinical studies, having recently stated that low-nicotine tobacco could help eliminate smoking worldwide, more on which you can read in this article by our friends from ATA.

To actually help people quit smoking, the WHO unironically proposes higher taxes, as evident from their support to the Philippines for enacting a measure increasing taxes on tobacco products.


The Green Turn

The European Union has officially confirmed that the next president of the EU Commission will be Ursula von der Leyen, the current German defense minister. After weeks of negotiations and demands for huge climate concessions, the EU Greens have given their support for Von der Leyen. The president-elect quickly announced massive spending of public funds on “climate change action”. Her determination to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent in the world by 2050 will need “public investment” on a major scale, as she announced setting up a climate division within the European Investment Bank to unlock a massive 1 trillion euros of investment over the next decade.

The newly proposed EU departure tax, about which we have reported in previous months, would add a levy of €7 to every flight departing from an airport inside of an EU member state. The departure tax would be applied uniformly to all citizens of all countries across the European Union, ignoring the dramatic disparity in wealth (or GDP per capita) between the states, as we can see from this article by our friends from The Consumer Choice Center.


United Problems

The United Nations, which was responsible for creating the Declaration of Human Rights, has been working tirelessly to degrade those values. Recently, the UN has been pushing to strengthen so-called “hate speech bans under international law. This ban creates a clear and present danger for freedom of expression already under global attack. Yet, at the same time as trying to stifle freedom of speech, the UN secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, refuses to speak about genuine human rights abuses.

Sadly, the culture of harassment within the UN is still strong, as yet another UN staffer was charged and convicted of severe child abuse in the Darfur region. While being faced with a myriad of internal problems and criticism, the UN is continuing to push their senseless and ineffective agenda, this month coming up with the idea to waste a huge amount of taxpayer dollars on promoting “the fight against climate change” by developing expensive mobile games that no one is going to actually play.


See Something? Say Something!

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