Welcome to the IGO Watch Monthly Newsletter for February

Despite being the shortest month of the year, it’s been a busy February for IGO Watch as there has been a significant amount of IGO activity this month. We have been closely tracking all important news and activities, from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) reckless response to the deadly coronavirus outbreak to the European Union’s (EU) budget quarrels.

But first, if you haven’t already seen our latest article about the dubious funding of the EU’s “Green Deal” and the devastating impact it will have on taxpayers and consumers, head over to our website and check it out!


Quid Pro Quo

Having already faced significant criticism for their assessment of the threat of the coronavirus outbreak, the WHO made several more outrageous decisions last month. Despite the coronavirus infecting more than 80,000 people, with tens of thousands more suspected to be infected, the WHO was apparently more concerned with appeasing the Chinese government than the underlying public health risks. Another dubious decision sparked substantial criticism when the WHO was quick to defend China’s inaccurate and nontransparent actions, which is, coincidently, one of the IGO’s biggest donors. One would also think that praising the Chinese government for transparency is, well, absurd, but the WHO has an extensive history of cozying up to authoritarian governments that provide monetary and public support for the global bureaucracy. The obvious manifestations of Chinese influence and corruption at the very top of the WHO are actively putting millions of lives at risk for personal interest and political gain. It is a good thing that the global public is taking notice of this and calling the WHO’s credibility into question.

Check out this interview with TPA Senior Fellow Jeff Stier discussing travesty on Fox News with Tucker Carlson. 


Going Dutch

The United Kingdom’s departure from the EU has left a massive hole in the Union’s budgetary plans. Instead of cutting down on wasteful spending and bloated administrative costs, the EU bureaucrats have been contemplating a truly novel idea – more taxes, regulations, and fines. As the current EU obsession is forging a “green” economy, one idea that has caught the hearts of bureaucrats is forcing European consumers to pay a meat tax in order to fight climate change.

Negotiations over the EU’s future budget have spectacularly collapsed, as the richer countries couldn’t possibly justify spending alarming amounts of money on the EU bureaucrats’ dreams.

In other news, the EU continues to enable dangerous mechanisms for global censorship of free speech and is determined to keep a tight leash on large tech companies and completely disregard the impact on businesses and consumers.


Rotting From Within

The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights came under fire after being exposed for the shocking and absolutely disgraceful act of giving the names of dissidents and human rights activists to the Chinese communist regime. But it gets even worse – after being exposed, the global body supposedly dedicated to protecting human rights persecuted the whistleblower who exposed the scandal instead of apologizing and trying to repair the damage. Instead of protecting those who indicate wrongdoing, the UN’s internal justice system is enabling systemic corruption within the organization. Chinese influence in the UN sadly doesn’t stop there. We learned last month that the UN is dead-set on giving China leadership over the World Intellectual Property Organization, which is rightfully seen as a clear risk to the integrity of the institution. China, after all, is the leading perpetrator of intellectual property theft in the world. If you think this is a far-fetched idea, just remember that the UN’s human rights council, whose mission is to promote and protect human rights around the world, is full of countries with long traditions of systemic human rights abuses, including torture, wanton killings, and physical violence towards minorities. That same council published a  list of 112 companies linked to Jewish settlements in West Bank to enable boycotts by the ludicrous BDS movement confirming the unrelenting anti-Israel bias so prevalent at the United Nations.


Partner Spotlight

The Center for Freedom and Prosperity (CF&P) seeks to promote economic prosperity by advocating competitive markets and limited government. The top project of CF&P is the Coalition for Tax Competition, which is fighting to preserve jurisdictional tax competition, fiscal sovereignty, and financial privacy from erosion by international bureaucrats.


See Something? Say Something!

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