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Before we get into the highlights of IGO activities around the world and ridiculous examples for this month, we want to share some upcoming activities with you. We would like to invite you to join us in Sydney later in May where we are a sponsor of the biggest and best pro-liberty event in the Asia-Pacific Region! On May 23-27 the World Taxpayers Associations will be hosting their 17th Biennial Conference in conjunction with the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance and the 7th ALS Friedman Conference and we would love for you to join us!  Be sure to see IGO Watch featured prominently in Australia, where we will talk about our initiative and various Nanny state issues that have become more prevalent in the international community and have begun impacting the policies of a huge number of countries worldwide.

A Global Health Mess

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, newly announced reforms of the World Health Organization (WHO) are proving to be a major mess even before they started. A lack of communication surrounds the announced reforms, as no detailed report explaining the specifics of what the reform means for programs, oversight, funding, and staffing has been released. In the meantime, the organizational failures within the WHO have been completely exposed, as an independent panel criticized the organization for a botched response to a major health crisis in West Africa. This is not the first time that the WHO refuses to declare a public health emergency and potentially endangered thousands of lives in order to hide their incompetence to adequately answer the rapidly accelerating outbreak of the deadly virus. This time, the WHO leadership was preoccupied with issues such as officially supporting a controversial and unscientific plant-based diet (out of which they luckily backed-out) and making fifty-year plans to increase taxes on tobacco, alcohol, and sugary beverages. TPA’s director of policy, Ross Marchand, argues why this approach is exactly the opposite of what the WHO should be doing and notes that the WHO is mistaken in insisting that taxation and regulation is the solution for a healthier lifestyle.

A Bureaucratic Nightmare

A number of interesting examples from last month illustrated perfectly how the EU is nothing more than a bureaucratic and undemocratic organization which doesn’t care about the interest of its taxpayers and consumers:

  • The European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee plans to outlaw the use of terms such as “veggie burger” and “vegan sausage”. According to an insane new proposal, consumers are unable to tell whether products labeled “vegan” or “vegetarian” contain meat or not, and therefore must be protected.
  • The EU continued its senseless effort to police the internet, cracking down on one of the biggest online threats – a nonprofit internet archive.
  • Blindly following its extremist climate agenda, the EU classifies electric vehicles as having “zero” CO2 emissions. In reality, in addition to CO2 emissions from the production of vehicles, significant CO2 emissions are generated from charging the vehicles’ batteries, a study by CESifo group shows, proving that government mandates for electric vehicles have no environmental impact whatsoever, and only hurt consumers by driving prices up.

This month, the EU’s reputation for “peace-building” has come under further question, with the EU parliament overwhelmingly voting to finalize 13 billion euro in funding for a European Defence Fund.  The fund commits massive funding over a seven-year period to the collective research and development of “cutting-edge” weapons and military technology.

Finally, in a further blow to due process and democracy, the EU Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources, Gunther Oettinger, proposed to ditch the long-established EU principle of unanimity, which could potentially pave the way for the bloc of leading countries to make momentous decisions about foreign and tax policy even if some member states disagreed.

Float As Far Away

Instead of using their resources to work on real problems which could help millions of people, the UN spends taxpayer dollars to showcase futuristic concepts of floating cities. The executive director of the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habitat), Maimunah Mohd Sharif, said the UN would support and shepherd this project to fruition. Speaking of unrealistic goals, a new UN-led report proposes a revamp of national and international financial systems in order to fulfill unrealistic climate change goals.

Not a month goes by that we don’t report on an internal UN scandal. Martina Brostrom, a UNAIDS whistleblower, was targeted as a part of a preliminary internal inquiry. Investigators for the WHO, which oversees UNAIDS, wrote that they had found “evidence” that Brostrom and her former supervisor may have taken part in “fraudulent practices and misuse of travel funds”.

With constant scandals, reports of bad management,  harassment, unrealistic policy goals, no amount of transparency and accountability, is it really a surprise that member states do not want to pay pre-determined contributions to finance the United Nations’ controversial peacekeeping missions and a non-transparent, overgrown and bureaucratic staff?

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