World Health Organization (WHO)

Mismanagement. Scandal. Abuse.

The World Health Organization (WHO) receives billions of dollars from taxpayers across the globe every year.

But, rather than focusing on genuine health initiatives and fighting epidemics, the WHO has become a corrupt bureaucracy with a culture of grossly abusing taxpayer funds and promoting radical ideological policies proven to have failed that attack businesses, enterprise and US interests.

Examples of some of the outrageous behavior by the organization include:

-The WHO spends $200 million a year on travel — far more than what it spends on fighting Hepatitis, AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria combined.

  • -Former WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan was known for frequently flying first class and staying in luxury accommodation. In one instance, she stayed in the biggest presidential suite at the Palm Camayenne hotel in Conakry, Guinea. The suite has an advertised price of more than $1,000 a night.

  • -The WHO spends on average $28,500 per employee a year on travel a year. In contrast, Doctors Without Borders spends just $1,162 per employee per year.

  • -Leaked emails revealed that WHO leadership refused to call the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a public health emergency for months for political reasons, while prioritizing resources to promote a plain packaging conference in Moscow costing thousands of lives in the process. As doctors working on the ground “couldn’t even afford basics like protective boots, gloves and soap,” Dr. Bruce Aylward (head of WHO’s outbreak response) racked up nearly $400,000 in travel expenses frequently demanding to fly by helicopter and refusing to travel by jeep. When WHO did send staffers to address the Ebola pandemic, “fellow responders said many lacked Ebola experience; one WHO consultant who got infected with Ebola broke his own agency's protocol, putting others at risk and getting WHO kicked out of the hotel.

The Taxpayers Protection Alliance has released a coalition letter calling on President Trump to freeze funding for the WHO until these issues are addressed. You can download the coalition letter HERE.